I Want To Help!

Lend your time, your money and your voice through Toristorch.com

Become a foster or adoptive parent or support those who have.  Go to serenityinfantcarehomes.com to learn  more.

Become a court appointed special advocate www.nationalcasa.org.

Donate your time, money, or expertise to a non profit agency serving foster or at risk children.

For more information on the issues facing young children in foster care and how you can help, visit www.invisiblekidsthebook.com.


2 thoughts on “I Want To Help!

  1. On today’s KFI coverage of Tori’s story, they wondered why Tori’s biomom only sought custody of Tori, and not her other children. Of course, I’m curious about this. Could the reason have been that, of all of her children, with the exception of the newborn, Tori was the only one too young to speak for herself? Or was there an economic incentive for the biomom, such as welfare subsidy or food stamps? 8/21/12

  2. I wondered that to Jettie, I knew her when she had the first three children and was not takeing care of them . The house was a pigs pin and there grandma was keeping them in diapers and food. and she goes on to have more. Grandma called child services at that time and they turned the other cheek. shame on them. The father was such a young kid at the time she should of been in jail for being with a minor (father of the first three children)

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